Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Yesterday was awesome! The weather was amazing. 50 degrees can feel so incredibly warm when you are used to below zero temps. The kids all put on their coats and played on the back porch for quite a while. I was hoping the fresh air would wear them out, but instead Cora woke up at 6:35 this morning. Apparently she didn't get the memo to sleep in...or at the very least sleep until regular time. *sigh*
We made the most incredible creamy chocolate avocado smoothie to go with our lunch today. I added some frozen strawberries in as well and it was a huge hit. The lunch table was so quiet. You know it's a good meal when the chitter-chatter is kept to a mimimum. I would almost venture to say that lunch left me feeling a little relaxed. Almost.
We lost our cat 13 days ago, amazing how it feels like so much longer than that. I just had a friend tell me that they have to put their dog of 14 years down tomorrow and she asked for prayers. I let Ella know since she is good friend's with her oldest daughter and that she could pray for her friend broken heart. Ella's eyes welled up with tears and she quietly said "That's really hard stuff." Her tender heart was breaking for what she knew her friend is going to have to go through tomorrow. A pet can teach you so many things...including compassion and empathy.
Hattie took a record 9 minute nap yesterday. Yes, nine minutes. No, that's not a typo. That's not even enough time to check on the other kids, go use the bathroom, and start to look for a snack. Seriously, why doesn't this child like sleep? If anyone would like to have a sit-down with her and explain to her the beauty of naps, just let me know.
I'm going to log it in today's blog that I want need to do a blog post or two about Hattie's birth. It was such an amazing experience and I don't want to forget even the tiniest of details. So by putting it down here, I'm comitting to working on it in the next week ahead. There's so much to document that it will take me a bit, but so important to be able to look back on. So hold me to this, okay?!
Jason came home yesterday from work and said "Wanna hear something crazy?" Hmmmm...that usually means I'm not going to be excited about what comes next. Anywho, he got invited to a Wild hockey game this Thursday by a client who just so happens to have a suite there, complete with a personal chef making the food. When asked if I got an invite too, he sheepishly said no. So I guess by "crazy" he meant "I get to have a night out without children, have somebody else cook for me, and watch a hockey game...while you are being asked to log in some overtime." ;) Good thing my job comes with perks of it's own...like smiles, hugs, and phrases like "I love you, Mommy."
And some pics of some kiddos enjoying that smoothie. Ben had sucked his down so fast, he had left the table before I even had a chance to get my camera out. But seriously, you should go make one for yourself. Now.

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