Monday, March 10, 2014

Nom Nom...What's for Lunch?

I am usually pretty proud of my kids and what they will eat. I wouldn't classify them as picky eaters, but as more adventurous ones. Usually. We all have our bad days, but for the most part they are willing to try new things and have fun with it.

I'm fairly convinced that being "picky" is more of a nurture thing that a nature thing. It amazes me what they like. I've always tried to expose them to lots of different tastes and textures. Here's just a sampling of some things that a "typical" child might turn their nose up at that my children love and even request:

* blue cheese dressing
* sardines
* roasted red peppers
* sushi (Cora's favorite bday meal)
* sun dried tomatoes
* seaweed (always a favorite)
* sauerkraut (I made some homemade and the kids absolutely love it)
* anything with mushrooms, onions, or green peppers
* salads (Ben asked today if he could make a giant salad for lunch...filled with all sorts of veggies. We routinely have this for our main meal in the summertime and it's met with many smiles)
* Kimchi
* Goat cheese
* Fresh herbs in soups, salads, pasta salads, etc.
* Hummus

I'm sure the list could go on. :)

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