Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Year Ago...

...we were on the other side of the world

...we were getting to meet our son for the second time eyes were filled with tears and my heart with pride upon holding Ben again
I remember this trip and each day of it so vividly. What an amazing journey God took us on and for that matter are still traveling. Let me take you back to one year ago today...
...we awoke early that morning...afterall, we were still on USA time and sleeping wasn't going so well. Ella and I had been up around 3am that morning cooking some eggs for "supper" in the kitchen located on our floor. Trying to adjust our bodies to the new time zone was proving to be challenging. We had just met our son for the first time the day before and what a rush that was. Although it was such a wonderful feeling meeting him and holding him, it was hard to leave him to let him go home with his fostermother. The only thing that really made it easier was knowing that I was going to be able to see him again in less than 24 hours. My nerves were raw with excitement and anticipation and the clock just didn't seem to move at the speed I would have liked.
We all got ready...Ella, Jason, and I. We anxiously made our way down to the second floor to the social worker's offices. Inside was our social worker, a wonderfully sweet woman. She brought us into the room where we would be meeting our sweet Ben. I remember wanting to just hold him...just hold him...just hold him. They came in and put him in my arms. Both Jason and I were so thrilled and Ella was starting to take to her new brother already. I had brought my podaegi with so they could show me how to properly put Ben in and wear him around. Once in, he immediately fell asleep on my back. What a comfortable feeling it was, having my baby boy that close to me, and feeling that safe and secure with me.
Oh what a day...what a morning...what a trip...what a treaure...and oh...what a son!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

Our city has a big festival every year. The kids and I decided to go and check it out. We even brought Aunt Jackie with us. She was a huge help...two kids around pony rides and a petting zoo is fun, but you can't take your eyes off of them for a second. After much deliberation, Ella decided that she wanted to indeed try the pony ride. Turns out she loved it. (Grandma, you may have to get horses again!!) In fact, once she was done, she wanted to go again. Turns out, pony rides aren't exactly cheap. Two rides was our max. She enjoyed herself!

Ben had a blast too. If I would have asked, I'm sure he would have loved the chance to ride a pony too. I'm sure the pony is grateful that we didn't put Ben on his back. All the kicking, gleeful screaming, and drool would have been enough to want to buck him off. Instead, Ben enjoyed the petting zoo, wandering around aimlessly, and dancing to the band that was playing.

I have more pics...and once blogger cooperates, I post them.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Uncle Carvie is Sooo Cool!

Uncle Carvie!!

Mom, Ella, and Ben

This summer Mom took us to the Maple Grove parade. We had so much fun. Nana, Auntie Mimi, and Great Grandma and Grandpa Kreyer came too. We got to see so many awesome things like clowns, police cars, horses, and the coolest thing of Uncle Carvie! Yep, he was actually in the parade! He works with the Osseo High School Marching Band! How fun is that?!? I was so excited to see him walk up...but you should have seen Nana!! She was super-duper excited!! He even waved to me and stopped to say hi. I love my Uncle Carvie.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The "Professional" Haircut

Mom said that it was high time I had a "real" know, one of those where you go to an actual barber and pay way too much money for something you could have done at home. Well, like I said, Mommy insisted that my hair was too long. I would like to know by who's standards?!? I thought it looked great. What's not to like about a mohawk? What's not to love about hair hanging over your ears? In my opinion, little babies are wearing their hair way too short for my liking. I want to be like my uncle Jamie and uncle Joren...they have long, shaggy hair, why can't I?
So we went to "Kid's Hair"...Mommy thought this was going to be so much fun, at least that's what she kept telling me on the ride over there. Once we arrived, I got shuffled into a mini barber chair just my size. The lady (whom I'm still not so sure of) flung this red plastic sheet over me and snapped it around my neck. I'll tell you something, this was already a little more than I had bagained for. I'll admit that I was a little curious about those shiny scissors she had...I'm betting that I could do a lot of damage with those at home if I could get my hands on a pair of those babies. I was doing fairly well...Mom kept telling me how brave I was being and what a big boy I had grown to be. It was all fine and dandy until that crazy lady brought out this buzzing clipper! I wasn't sure if she even knew how to operate those things! That did it, I had had enough, I wanted down and I wanted out of that place NOW! I lost my marbles, I screamed and cried until they released me. It was horrible, it was yucky, and now I only have a short haircut to show for it. The only good part is that I overheard Mommy say that she would never pay for a haircut for me again. I guess that puts me off the hook for ever having to go back! Guess Mommy's haircuts aren't so bad afterall. Hmmm, note to self...I may have to see what else screaming and crying can get me out of. This could be useful information.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Zoo Man

Ella, Ben, and I went up to visit my family last week. We braved the long 5 hour drive. It was a little touch-and-go, but we made it. Some screaming, some crying, and some sleeping. While we were up there, we went to see "The Zoo Man". It was sponsored by the local library and we figured the kids would enjoy it.

My Mom and I arrived early to get a good spot. After all, we didn't want to drive all that way, get the kids excited, and then not even be able to see the show. We found out that it was going to be held outside in the parking lot...hmmm....lawn chairs would have been a good idea. It's amazing how fast your butt can fall asleep when you are sitting on pavement. It's even more amazing how fast your legs can start to tingle when you are sitting on payment AND holding a toddler in your lap.

While we were waiting for the show to start, a resident of the small town we were in came by with his little house rabbit. A bunch of the kids went wild and ended up chasing the poor thing under a van. The Zoo Man noticed the rabbit and told the people in charge that Mr. Bunny was indeed going to need to leave the show or his own animals may just have it for lunch. It took a little while for them to coax that rabbit out, but finally he was on his way home.

While we waiting for the last people to sit down and the show to start, Grandma leaned over and asked "Ella...what do you think are in those boxes?" Ella sat and thought long and hard and finally came up with the perfect answer: "giraffes" she said. Hmmm....probably not, sweetheart...the boxes are only about 12 inches high. Good guess though.

The Zoo Man started and out came animal #1...a gecko. Hmmm, small but sort cute. Animal #2...a milk snake. Now we're least we are getting into something bigger than 4 he's colorful. Animal #3...a python. Ok, bigger and better. A girl even got to go up and hold him. She looked like she was a little nervous...that always makes the show more interesting. Animal #4...the best for albino burmese python. Here's the big guns of the show...this thing was huge. He was still a young snake weighing in at around 100 pounds. Once he is full grown, he will be around 300 pounds. Oh, but don't get all amazed just yet because his mom was a 600 pound snake. Now that's impressive. Once the show was over we got to go up and pet the snake. Ella was more than unimpressed...she was a little unsure. She had her hands tucked so far into me that I couldn't have found them if I had wanted to. She was making sure that there was no way on God's green earth that she was going to have to feel that thing. Ben was a little more brave. He touched it with the back of his hand once, but wasn't too willing to try it a second time.

Once back at Grandma's house, Mom asked "Ella...what was your favorite animal at The Zoo Man show?" Ella sat and was deep in thought. Finally she answered "the bunny!" "Hmmm....okay" says Grandma, "what was your SECOND favorite animal at The Zoo Man show?" Ella once again sat deep in thought...she finally answered "giraffes!"

So there you have it. End of discussion. Bunnies and giraffes...who knew!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Annual 4th of July Bash

For those of you who don't know...we host a big family get-together every July 4th with my family. It's a blast and everyone has a great time. We had everyone here this year...and that totals 30 people. There were people sleeping on the floors, beds, couches, and outside in tents. We had 6 different tents set up on the lawn this year.
There were games as well as lots of swimming. The weather was very hot this year...hovering around 95 degrees with lots of humidity. There was usually someone in the pool at any given minute all weekend long. Jason even had a fireworks show that he did over the pool while we roasted smores on the fire on the second night.
On Sunday morning we had our worship service...complete with praise and worship and a devotional. Jamie, Jordan, and Tyler did great with the music and Dad had a nice message for us. By the end of the third day, everyone was wiped out and ready to head for home. To all of our family...we just love spending this time with you. We are so blessed to have all of you be a part of our lives. We love you. We are already looking forward to next year! PS...Better watch out for that rubber chicken!

Here are some pics...enjoy!