Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hattie Joy - 10 Months Old

I can hardly believe that Hattie is 10 months old already. The time has just flown by. My baby isn't such a baby anymore...and her first birthday will be here before I know it. *sniffle*
This little one is so much fun. I am absolutely loving having a baby in the house yet again. I am trying to bank up these memories in my heart, knowing that is will be my last baby. There are so many moments to savor and treasure.
Each night, I am the one who puts Hattie to bed. I love being the mama, the one who gets to nurse her to sleep, the one who gives her her last snuggles before drifting off to sleep. There's just something magical about being in a dimly lit room, rocking and snuggling in the rocking chair. Everything is peaceful, everything is quiet. It's my most favorite time of the day. Just the two of us, enjoying each other's company.

Hattie is on the go. All. The. Time. She is crawling faster and faster with each passing day. She can pull herself up to standing by hanging on to almost anything. Chairs, couch, piano bench, a leg...whatever is in her way. I'm guessing it won't be long until she has tired of crawling and wants to do more of the walking. I can already feel the ache in my back. 

Hattie loves to dance. She cracks us up as she starts bopping up and down as soon as there is music. There's nothing cuter than the be-bop of a baby.

Her newest thing: Rocking her own baby. Once a baby-doll is put in her lap, Hattie will gingerly and lovingly give it hugs. Then she will start rocking back and forth, smiling all the while. She loves to rock her baby.

Hattie is starting to sign already. She knows "all done" and has just started signing "nurse". She hasn't signed "more" yet, but if you do it to her, and it's what she is trying to tell you, she will smile from ear to ear as if to let you know "Good job! That's right!"

These days are fleeting, the memories so precious. I don't want to miss even one of them. I want to be intentional. Intentional to take the time to play with her. Intentional to give her kisses and tickle her tummy. Intentional to soak in her babyhood. No matter the state of my kitchen, the piles of laundry, or the sight of my sticky floors. Yes, these days will be gone all too soon. 

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