Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The day has arrived. Hattie's first tooth has officially popped through. These pics were taken March 9, 2014.

We spent a few days prior to that with some poor sleep and a few crabby moments, but overall, she was mostly her normal self. Hattie doesn't normally drool and I expected her to do this when a tooth would push through, but must to my amazement, she never did. I have so many girl bibs and I haven't had to use any of them. This girl is just not a drooler.

I should have logged the exact day in on the blog, but somehow (go figure) life got busy and I forgot. Today...tooth number 2 has just cut through. You can't see it much yet, but you can feel it. Poor girly has been a little crankier these past couple of days and again, sleep was disrupted. I knew what to be on the lookout for so this time I wasn't one bit surprised when I checked in her month and felt the little chomper. Wowza, they are razor sharp.

And because I love sepia. :)

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