Friday, March 7, 2014

Snapshot #2

Outside my window: Dreary, but warmer. I don't mind if the sun doesn't shine as long as it is 35+ degrees outside!
I am thinking: that I must be at least a few days behind in sleep for the week. Hattie has been working on her first tooth (at least that's what I am blaming for the rough nights of sleep) and I have been up with her at least 2 hours of each night, off and on, for 3-4 days now.
I am thankful for: daylight savings time coming this weekend! I am looking forward to it being lighter later. We don't plan on changing things for the far as their internal clock goes. So instead of the clock saying will now say 9pm. I'm hoping that they will now stay up later and night and sleep in later in the morning. I'm exciting that the kids will get more "daddy" time in the eveings soon.
Last 3 purchases: Do groceries count? I haven't been out this week. My only purchase was a stainless steel sippy cup for Hattie. Which took me 45 minutes to decide to buy. Why? Cause those things are expensive. I've been reading that whatever they have replaced the BPA with in plastic cups is actually no better than the BPA that was originally in there. Truth be told, I lean a little more towards the crunchy, granola life with each passing day.
Dinner plans: Since it's the end of the week and I'm plum tired...left-overs it is. I made 9 chicken breasts last night for supper (extras for today) knowing that I would be thankful for a night off from cooking. Three cheers for mustard glazed chicken breasts, rice, and brussel sprouts. Bonus that the kids love this meal.
Future plans I'm looking forward to: Parade of Homes. I'm hoping to get out for a bit tomorrow and look for some ideas for the basement. Jason will most likely be working so I am going to need something to keep the kids busy with.
Kid Funny: Lily came down the stairs the other day, crying, saying that Cora had thrown a toy and hit her in the head. When Cora came down the stairs, I asked her if it was true. She threw her hands up in the air and said "YES! I threw it at her head and it bounced off right into the bin!!" She couldn't have been prouder of her accomplishment and was mistified why I couldn't see the sheer genius behind this idea.
I am reading: Gone-Away Lake. With Ella. At bedtime. This book is so cute and I am really loving it.
In the kitchen: homemade (gluten free) monkey muffins. It's the first batch of muffins I've made without coconut flour in the past 6+ weeks. I forgot what a fluffy muffin is like. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. And judging by the sighs and mmmm's at the table, I think my children did too.
Watching: State High School Hockey tournaments. I'm not allowed to change the channel, Jason's orders. :)
Snacking on: coconut flakes with chocolate chips, my newest obsession. Or peanut butter with chocolate chips, the ol' stand-by. And bone bront...cause I gotta be healthy for some part of my day.

**Disclaimer: And if this font size, layout, etc looks goofy...blame blogger. It's not my friend lately.

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