Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kid Funnies

Just a few quotes to tickle your funny bone for the day...

Jason had all the kids upstairs in our bedroom wrapping my presents for Christmas. Hattie was holding the tape while Ben was doing some wrapping. As it came time to seal the package shut, he went over to Hattie and took the tape out of her hands. She immediately marched over to Jason to tattle on what crime had just been committed. In a loud, angry voice she said:
Cora: Mom, I like sharing a room with Lily better than with Ben. She doesn't
make me mad like he does.
Lily: Mom!! I have to wrap my present for Ella!!
Mom: Yes...but we have to buy it first.
For breakfast this morning, we had cinnamon rolls. Each child was given one on their plate. Ben took his fork and scraped off all the frosting, enjoying the sugary sweetness. Once he realized it was all gone and he still had his entire cinnamon roll still sitting on his plate, he turned to Cora and said:
Can I borrow some of your frosting?
...She said no. ;)