Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Aahhh. Rest.

It's amazing what a night a sleep can do for a person. I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up in the morning feeling rested.

I'm more used to the sand-in-your-eyes, need me some toothpicks to prop the ol' eyes open with kind of feeling. (I wish I were exaggerating.)

But last night...oooohhhhh...last night was wonderful. Amazing. Sublime.

Hattie was only up once. Yes...once. One little ol' time. Singular. Uno. The big ONE.

After 11 months of waking up mulitiple times a night (were talking 2 on a very good night...6 on a bad night...and 12ish on a "I'm about to cut a tooth" night), only waking up once seemed like such a gift. A much needed reprieve. A blessing. A miracle. A kick-up-your-heels way to start your day.

So thanks, Hattie-Cakes. Big kisses from Mama...mmmwwwwaaaaa!

And World, ya better watch out cause here I come! You got nothing on me today!

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