Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Snapshot #3

Outside my window: Warm, humid, windy weather. My kind of summer. Love it when it's like this. The sun is behind a ton of clouds so no worries of sunblock vs. a sunburn dilemma, squinting, or sun headaches. that how you spell "dilemma"...I'm sure not, but I'm too tired to spellcheck it.
I am thinking: that there's only 4 more days until vacation!! I am in dire need of one and I'm totally psyched about going to the Dells!
I am thankful for: breast pumps. I spent a majority of the night not sleeping well because of a plugged duct. The dam broke today and the milk came flowing finally. I was so worried I was going to end up with mastitis. I can't even tell you the relief (both emotionally and physically) it is to have this off my plate. Too much information, I know. I'm a nursing mom...what can I say. My life revolves around children, diapers, and breastfeeding.

Dinner plans: hmm, something with rotisserie chicken.  Not sure what I'll create. Oh, and it should include brussel sprouts, avocados, rice, and strawberries. Why, yes, I am cleaning out the fridge.

Future plans I'm looking forward to: Did I mention I'm going to the Dells??!!
Something you didn't know: I just got pulled away to kill a spider. All. By. Myself. Yes, I've gotten much braver when it comes to those 8 legged freaks. My mentality is this: I kill you before you can eat my children. It was a daddy long leg crawling on the dog. Eeeww. I almost picked it up with my bare hands...glad I got my wits about me before anything crazy happened.

In the kitchen: Leftover chinese food. I am on a trial period right now...slowly ramping up my gluten intake to see if my body can handle it. It's been a few weeks and I have worked my way up to some stirfry made with soy sauce. Who knew soy sauce was 50% wheat?? Gluten is everywhere, my friend. I can't even begin to tell you the nirvana I felt as I slowly and meticulously chewed my food. It tasted amazing. Without even knowing it, I had put my head in my hands and sat there quietly enjoying my meal. Ella interrupted and said "Mom, are you ok?" "Yeah...sorry, just enjoying my food!"

Reading: Do children's books count? We went to the library yesterday and left with four book bags filled to the brim. Ben got his own library card while there. Now he and Ella have their own so I can make them pay for their own late fees. Life lessons, right? Anyway, I'm sure I have no less than 80 or 90 library books that the kids are just waiting to have read to them.

Watching: I haven't watched tv in what feels like forever. Thanks to the fleas, I'm either vacuuming once the kids go to bed or am dead asleep in my bed. No time for tv here, folks.

Snacking on: My favorite...peanut butter with chocolate chips in it. I made a trip to Maple Grove the other day and made a stop at Trader Joe's. Love their peanut butter...and chocolate chips just send me over the moon. Oh, and a v-8..cause life can't all be about pb and chocolate.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: I've been a busy girl since 6:37 this morning and am determined to finish folding the last 3 loads of laundry sitting in my dining room. I'm hoping to unearth my desk when all is said and done. And hopefully find Hattie's missing swimsuit that I haven't been able to locate for a month now. And yes, I was that mom, and simply cried "uncle" and went and bought her a new one cause I was sick of looking for the dumb thing.