Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday's Ramblings

Whew...sorry I haven't posted since last Thursday. I guess I took a hiatus of sorts...but not without good reason.

Life with four kids is busy. I can not tell a lie. Seriously busy...

...and this week?

has been seriously stressful.

Jason started back to work full-time this week. I made up Monday's lunch the night before knowing that it would help me stay on top of things for my first full day all on my own. As lunchtime approached on Monday, I pulled out those lovingly prepared lunches and thought to myself...

"I can do this. I really can do this!"

And then within minutes of thinking I had turned into super-mom over night, life started throwing curveballs. And they haven't stopped yet.

Without going into detail, boring you to death, and risking sounding like a whiner...I'll give you the condensed version. Ready?

*Lily got a bacterial infection for which she was put on some hefty-duty, rarily-prescribed-to-children medication.

*Lily fell over the handle bars of her little toy and did a nose-dive onto the asphalt in the cul-de-sac. She split open her top lip and had quite the "nasty gash" (doctor's decription).

*Lily spiked a fever (102.8) while on the antibiotics so another doctor visit was made. Turns out we just have really bad luck in the timing department. A few tests later (one of which was to rule out diabetes...yeah, had me pretty scared) we found out she had managed to catch a viral bug of some sort.

*Lily needs another glucose test to 100% rule out diabetes and her lip needs a recheck to make sure no infection has started since a mouth if full of lots of germs. Another doctor visit is made.

*Cora has her first appointment...stressful for both Mom and Baby. New surroundings are just tough right now.

*Ella falls on her bike, skins up both knees pretty good.

*Ella gets her hand slammed in the door by her brother.

*Lily has a cookie at the grocery hour later her legs are covered with hives and I'm fairly certain it's a peanut reaction. Watching the clock to administer benedryl every 6 hours through-out the night.

*Ben falls on his bike and skins his knees up pretty good. We should buy stock in band-aids.

*Cora is still uneasy and all the added stress and crying in the house has made her extra-extra-extra clingy.

*Still struggling and working through sleep deprivation.

So you see...this week has been a dooser. And it's only Wednesday. Praying for strength that I will make it to one piece...with all my children by my one piece.

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