Thursday, May 5, 2011

Half Full...or Half Empty?

I'm not always the most optomistic person, just ask my husband. He pretty much always is and I'm glad I have him around to balance me out.

But right now...when things are tough...I'm determined more than ever to be positive.

I mean, I have no choice really anyway...if I don't try to be positive, I'll just sit on the floor and cry.

So...on a bright note:

*A 20 minute nap might not seem long for a wee little baby...but to a mama whose back is out and on enough ibuprophen to choke a horse, it seems like pure bliss!

*Macaroni and cheese for lunch might not seem incredibly healthy...but put some fresh strawberries on the plate next to it and I have just won the Mother of the Year award from my kiddos for such an awesome lunch!

*No time to sweep the floor problem. My cat is having a field day perusing all the snack offerings. He night not eat much of it, being a finicky cat and all, but to him he's on a grand adventure.

*My mantra as of late: one, two, three, four, turn, rock, two, three, four, turn, rock step. I may be wearing a path in the carpet of Cora's room pacing back and forth trying to get her to sleep...but it sure beats the mantra on the plane...forward one, backward one...forward one, backward one.

*It may only be 46 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon on May 5...but, hey, I'm guessing those mosquitos may just be to cold to come out and bite me.

***Is it bedtime yet?***

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