Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday's Ramblings

Jetlag still has a firm grip on me. I wish I wasn't typing this at 3:30am.

Texas Roadhouse delivered to our door by some very special friends is not only food for the tummy...but food for the soul.

Having rain and gloomy skies during the day while suffering from said jetlag is like having the universe screaming at you to "Go back to bed!"

There's nothing cuter than a face full of choclate crumbs after Lily has enjoyed some chocolate cookies from her Easter bucket.

Ella dove for water toys during swimming lessons yesterday. She's proud of what she accomplished and I'm proud of her too.

Aaaaahhhh, having your newest just smile at you when she sees you at the computer at 3:30am makes this all worth while.

Love watching Ben run into the water at lessons with reckless abandon. Oh to be 4 again.

A clean kitchen makes life feel less chaotic.

Felt really blessed when I looked at all four kids in the tub splashing about tonight.

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