Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lily's "New Bed"

Since we got word of Cora, we decided that Lily and Ella would share a room. We started the transition in February and I am so glad that we did. It has taken quite a while for the two of them to get used to each other. Lily gets so excited that she gets to sleep in the same room as Ella that often times she has a hard time settling down to go to bed. She would much rather play with Ella or tell her stories all night long.

The first week that we moved Lily into her new room, she routinely insisted on going upstairs so she could show every one her "new bed".

"New bed, Mama"

"New bed, Daddy...come"

"New bed...new bed...new bed"

Most of my conversations with Lily that first week revolved around her new bed...and to be honest, it hasn't worn off that much in over two months time. She still adores her new surroundings and feels like she is such a big girl.

Hard to disagree, isn't it?!?

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