Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"B" Week

We are working our way through the alphabet for school. We just started so last week was "B" week.

The kids and I read "Babe, The Gallant Pig" and also rented the movie to watch. We learned how to draw pigs and made a picture of Babe.

We had a Beach day...we read the book "The Fish Who Cried Wolf." It's about Tiddler, a fish who makes up tall stories. We made our very own Tiddlers and hung them from the ceiling. All 3 kids were fingerpainting, including Lily. It was a wild time.

To go along with the Beach theme, we also made starfish.

Did you know that there are starfish who have up to 40 arms? And to think they only came in the 5-arm versions?!? We learned that they are bumpy, not smooth...so we glued oatmeal onto our starfish...Lily ate hers. Glue and all. Oops.

For a special treat, I made them bunny pancakes with bacon. It's amazing how many "b" words there are.

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