Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lotte World

Yesterday started out sunny although hazy. We were wanting to go to Seoul Tower and Namsan park, but since it was still so hazy, we decided to check out Lotte World while we waited for the weather to get better.

Lotte World sort of reminds me of a smaller Mall of America in some respects. It has 3 floors and an ice skating rink in the center.

The top floor has an amusement-type area with rides. From the sounds of it, there were some kids having lots of fun.

I wish we could have gotten a better look, but there was an entrance fee...and you all know how good I do on anything that moves.

Wouldn't you just love to be a kid in this park?

It was a pretty quiet day there otherwise and only a few people out on the rink. I was so hoping to see a little skater or two...and then this little one appeared on the ice.

I couldn't stop watching. This child was just so incredibly cute. The coach was so patient and you could tell they were both having a lot of fun too.

I got to admit, that Lotte World was pretty impressive, but this little one stole the show for me.

After watching for awhile, we meandered through some stores. It's amazing how hard it can be to communicate without the use of language. We bought a few things, but by the time I was done gesturing and trying to explain what I was looking for, I was sweating.

And we were this close to buying a whole lot of gelato just looked so good.

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