Monday, August 3, 2009

Seoul...we have arrived!

Well, it's 3am and I am completely awake. I slept for a good 5-6 hours and that's as much as I can do. It's 1pm in the states and my body wants some lunch. I'm starving. Guess I will have to munch on some doritos that I brought until morning comes and we can get out to get something else. I did see a starbucks just a few blocks from here so I will treat myself with something yummy. (Although the usual stand-bys that we have are different here) I had a donut from Dunkin' Donuts yesterday. Chocolate with nuts on the top..or so I thought. I took a bite and it was some sort of weird crunch I've never tasted. Was good...just different. Even the McDonald's has a different menu.

We went out for bibimbop last night. The doorman walked us down a few blocks down a skinny street and into an authentic korean restaurant. We had to remove our shoes at the door, sit at a table on the floor with mats, and point to some pictures of some things that we wanted to eat. Wow...felt very out of place, but got a very good cultural experience.

We are on the other side of the river than when we adopted Ben through Eastern. The neighborhoods are different so this will indeed be a different experience. Hongik University is close to college students galore...a fair amount who are young and have learned a little bit of English. Granted I haven't been here at SWS long, but it doesn't seem to feel the same. I am definitely noticing the language barrier.

We are meeting Lily on Wednesday. Something got a bit goofed up with the scheduling and they thought that we were going to be in on Sunday...not Monday. So due to the fact that we were literally in the air most of Monday, our appt has now been moved to Wednesday, Aug 5. We are to go down a few buildings from the guesthouse to the SWS Baby Hospital and meet our social worker at 9:30. She will then take us to Lily's home where we will get to meet her on her own turf. I'm sooo nervous for that. I dont' want to do anything that might offend the fostermother (although I'm sure she's done this enough that she knows us Americans don't know everything about the korean culture). It will just be hard because it can get difficult talking and carrying on a conversation when everything has to be interpreted back and forth. But the main thing will just be to sit on the floor with Jeeah and start to get to know her and let her check us out. We will most likely find out at this meeting when we will be receiving her as our sweet, own, lovely girl. There is a crib, highchair, and baby bath right here in our room, so I am feeling better about the possibility of getting her earlier...we'll be able to make due. There is also a Wal-mart....I know, Wal-mart...not that far from here so I can grab anything I would need to have if I forgot it. I haven't been there yet, but we were thinking of running by there just so we can get a pic of it.

Since we have the day free today, we will probably try to get out and see some of the city. We have lots that we want to see and little time to do it in. I'll update later.

It feels good to be back here.

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