Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Adjusted

Jeeah in the wagon

Ben on his bike

Lily after her bath

Zonked out next to Mommy

Our internet was broken for most all of today so I'm sorry that I haven't posted until now. Speaking of's currently 3:44am in Minnesota. I guess I'm having a harder time switching to this time zone than I thought I would have. I laid down for about 5 hours and couldn't manage to fall asleep at all. I decided it was time to get up, have some banana bread, and get on the computer. I'm guessing that tomorrow might be a bit tough for me since Ella, Ben, and Lily are all sleeping right now. No rest for the weary!
Yesterday went fairly well. We arrived home all in one piece. Jeeah was pretty tired. She didn't sleep well on the plane at all. In fact, for a 12 hour flight, she only slept a total of maybe an hour. We could see all the signs...the tugging of the ears, the pulling of the hair, the rubbing of the eyes. She was exhausted but things were too different to allow much rest. The flight was long, there's no doubt about it. Jeeah had some good times and she had some bad times. It's definitely challenging to try and soothe and walk a baby in a plane full of people some 37,000 feet up in the air. Not to mention that we are new to her and she doesn't really understand what is going on. It was obvious that she missed her family. I'm just glad that the flight is over and we can now help her adjust to her new house and family.
I layed down with her about an hour after we arrived home. She was just so tired! She fell asleep right away and slept from 6:30pm-2am. She woke up for about an hour, took another bottle and fell back asleep from 3am-12:00pm noon. Poor thing was just too tired, but all that sleep made her wake up smiling and happy. Jeeah took a nap today from 2:30-5:00pm and went to bed tonight at 9pm and she's still alseep. I think all this sleep is good, she needs to make up for all that she lost on that plane ride.
She has taken to Ella and Ben well and seems so interested in them. Ella just loves, loves, loves her and Ben is so gentle and sweet with her. They were both waiting with bated breath for her to wake up today so they could be with her.

We did bath time tonight and put all three kids in the big bath tub. They sat in there and played for forever. Jeeah's fostermom said she likes baths and she was right. She was busy babbling and playing...splashing Ella in the face with water. It was so fun to watch them interact and play together. Afterward we took the kids outside for some fresh air. Ben rode his bike while the girls sat in the wagon. We are a family of 5...and it is such a wonderful feeling.


Tricia Johnson said...

She is so perfect! and her big brother and sister seem happy to have the whole family together! What a blessing.

Carvel said...

Wow, she sleeps as much as I do!

Jackie said...

I'm so happy to see you guys together as a family at last!! Love you!!