Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missing My Babies

Christmas, 2008. 12. 25

A blast from the cute are they? (And little!)

Hi Ella and Ben...
Mommy is missing you so much right now! Although I am having a nice time in Korea, I really miss spending time with you both. I miss reading books to you, having you sit on my lap and cuddle, and me getting to tell you I love you. You are my pride and joy and you each make me a better person.

I'm so excited for you to meet your new little sister. I just know that you three will grow to love each other in no time. Ben, you will make a great big brother, you will have to show Lily how to run and tumble, how to jump and be crazy, and everything you know about Lightning McQueen. Ella, you will make a wonderful big sister. You are already so good at it now and you will be able to show Lily how to play house and babies, the love of all things books, and what it means to be compassionate and caring.

I love and miss you dearly...I can't wait to see you. Expect some big hugs and lots of kisses at the airport!


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