Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Day of Rest

View outside our room

Supper in Insa-dong

An afternoon treat

My birthday treat from Richmont Bakery

Close up of that fabulous waffle

Dried fish at the E-Mart

Spam! Yes, we did buy some!

Korean baby food...expensive stuff...each jar was around 4,000 won

Scott...another for you...."Crunky Nude"

Big Man by a little van

This post probably won't be too long or too interesting. After a full week of adventures and being gone for roughly 12 hours a day from the room, we decided that a day of rest is in order. We have only 1 day until we pick up Lily and I need to be prepared for some sleep deprivation and hard rest it is. A lazy day in Korea.

A part of me feels horribly guilty for hanging around the room when there is more to see, more to do. We have barely scratched the surface of Seoul...and yet, my eyes feel like sand, my body feels like a truck has run over it a few times, and my feet...well....they are just heavy weights that my poor legs are trying to pull around. Yes, a day of rest if a must...whether I like it or not.

Jason and I ran out to the E-Mart this morning. We were out of eggs and bread. It was fun to wander the grocery store, looking at all the brands and different things they sell. We even looked over the baby food aisle. I remember at Ella's babyshower that we had to play the baby food game. We had to eat some unidentified baby food and try to figure out what it was. Some was... well...nasty tasting...and I vowed to never give my child any of it. While in the E-Mart, I ran across a jar of "porriage with young sardines." Mmmmm, doesn't that just make your mouth water? Okay, mine either. I'm sure they think our mac-n-cheese is gross.

We met another family here today who is from the DC area. They just flew in yesterday and are here without a guide book or even a city/subway map. How on earth anyone could find anything that way is beyond me. My map has become tattered just within a week of being here as it is a lifeline of security for us while out and about. The Seoul City GuideBook has many dog-eared pages that are ready to fall off. Luckily, I have a few extra maps so we paid it forward and gave them some necessities for their stay here.

Around 11:30am, my eyes felt so heavy, so I decided to lay down and relax a bit. I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew it was 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm sure I could have slept more, but I figured half the day had just passed me by so it was time to get up.

We met up with that family tonight for supper. We took them into the subway station and over to Insa-dong to our favorite mandu restaurant there. We were quite the spectacle..all 8 of us. Our table was amazing...there wasn't a bare spot on everywhere. Little bowls of this and small plates of that. Jason and I shared a giant steaming bowl of spicy soup that consisited of mandu, noodles, mushrooms, bulgogi beef, and various other things. When we ordered she motioned with her fingers and said "little spice?" I nodded my head, pinched my fingers together, and said "yes....little, little spice." I have to say, my idea of "little" spice and their idea of "little" spice is completely different. If the amount of spice we had was "little"...I would seriously hate to see what "a lot" would be. I am pretty sure it would equate to fire shooting from your mouth and singeing everything within 5 feet of you. Needless to say, even though my mouth, throat, and stomach were all on fire, I loved what I had.

I am going to miss it doubt about it.

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