Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sick of Being Sick

It's Thursday already and I feel like I am about 10 days behind in life. Ella got the flu this past weekend...the one with aches and chills, fever, headache, and cough. The "real: flu...not the "I just barfed" kind of flu.

Poor thing was quarantined in her room for 3 days straight as I didn't want to take any chances with Hattie getting it. We brought her movies, books, crafts to do, and food. There was also a lot of reading going on in our read-aloud book. We have two rules with our read-alouds: 1. You can't read on your own, you have to read it together and 2. You can't read ON YOUR OWN, you have to read it TOGETHER. Yes, I know they are the same rule and I said there was two, but Ella needs to hear it twice so she makes sure not to pick the book up and read it without me. She's sneaky that way...and since she can devour a book in less time it takes me to brush my teeth, I can't take any chances. Needless to say, it was a bright spot in her very long and cloudy weekend.

She seemed to turn the corner on Monday morning as her fever broke overnight sometime. She was able to come back downstairs and sit at a real table for meals. Hattie was so excited to see her and had missed her terribly.

By Monday afternoon, Ella was wiping her nose every two seconds and complaining of feeling like a cold was coming on. And she was right. I guess her immune system was so overtaxed from the flu, that she caught something else right on top of it. I'm not exactly sure how this happened since she was forced to stay in her room for days on end, but it did.

Why am I rambling on so? I guess I should get to the point. Ella's not a good sick person. There are some people who just sort of take it as it comes and deal with it. That's not her. She's a bit melancholy and well frankly, a lot a bit whiny. She moans and groans and whines and well...whines some more. She hates being sick and she's not a good patient. Honestly, she's a lot like her mother. Poor thing.

All of this to say, it's been a long week around here and I haven't gotten hardly anything done that I have needed to...and that includes keeping up on this little ol' blog. I'm a trillion steps behind on getting things squared away for vacation and my house is a disaster. I have a bathroom closet that is overflowing with laundry that needs to be attended to. BUT...those are all just things and my baby comes first. So...I'm off to go comfort my baby...

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