Friday, February 10, 2017

Five on Friday (February 10, 2017)

1. I've been trying to get to this post for almost 9 hours now. It's amazing how one can feel like they accomplished nothing all day long and yet they have been so busy that it makes their head spin. Does this really count as a number 1? Seems sort of pathetic...maybe I'll throw in a 1.5 for good measure.

1.5 I  have been working out...with the anticipation of our vacation. As much as I loath working out and sweating, I have been keeping up with it. This week I had to run upstairs to grab something. I literally ran up with bounce in my step and without hyperventilating. All good signs that I'm getting stronger and reaping the rewards of getting in shape. I've also started prepping my veggies and misc. for the week. My fridge is currently stocked full of bags of different cut up veggies, hard boiled eggs, lots of fruit, and kombucha. Makes reaching for something healthy just a bit easier.

2. Ella and I are putting considerable effort into finding her a swimsuit for the trip. I bought a new one last year around the mid-summer mark. And not to anyone's surprise, it doesn't fit what-so-ever. She has gone through such a growth spurt this fall/winter. Not only is she officially taller than me, but she tried on one of my swimsuits and it literally fits her. Although I was happy that she was happy that she now has a swimsuit to wear that she likes, I might have cried a little on the inside just knowing how grown-up she is becoming. Where does the time go?

3. My iced-tea addiction is alive and well. I have been seen sitting with a throw on, a blanket scarf wrapped around my neck, and fingerless mitts on so I can hold the freezing cold glass. I know, I have a problem. On another chilly note, I came home from church on Wednesday night in a cranky mood. The problem: I was freezing. I mean F. R. E. E. Z. I. N. G. (This is not out of the ordinary...with or without the iced tea) and it was just making me grumpy. It was a chill all the way down to my bones. I turned on the fireplace and warmed myself up and upon checking my temperature it was 96.9. Proof that I really run colder than most.

4. Ben has a valentine's party coming up on Tuesday at school. His teacher emailed me asking if Ben would indeed be able to bring the treat that he signed up for. He decided that he wanted to bring in a Korean treat for his class. I'm beyond excited to go shopping at the Korean market and let him share something from his birth country. I'm so proud of this boy.

5. The Armor of God by Pricilla Schrirer is the bible study that I have just started. I'm captivated by it already and am anxious to learn how to discern where the devil is working in my life and how to counteract him and stop him in his tracks.

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