Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Brother and Sister Love (ie Wrestling)

Someone is feeling a little better around these parts again. It's good to have Ella acting like her silly self even if it means listening to these two pick on each other. :)

Over the past few years I've seen these two (who used to be so close) start to grow up in and go their own ways. Ella is interested in reading all. the. time. as well as hanging with me more and more. Doesn't matter if we are in the kitchen, sitting on the couch to snuggle, or her following me around like a puppy dog. :)

Ben on the other hand likes to spend his time outdoors, playing sports with the neighbor boys, or wrestling and pinning someone to the ground. (Not me).

And while their interests and likes have started to change, it's amazing to me how much they miss each other with Ben at school during the day. After a long week, this boy will come with nothing but mischief on his mind and will find any way he can to get his big sister's attention. Ella will usually give in, put her book down, and before long this is the scene one happens upon. Both of them on the ground....wrestling...and giggling their heads off.

I hope these two will always keep their special bond.

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