Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Personal Trainer

Have I mentioned that I have an aversion to physical exercise? Hehe...not really, but specifically "working out" isn't so much my "thang". I would rather do some activity that by it's very nature is active. I don't enjoy doing squats in my living room while I feel my quads burn and shake.

The instructor on the video says "jiggle now so you don't jiggle later". {Insert eye roll here} It annoys me every time she says it. I'm digressing.

Hattie loves it when I work out and she asks me several times a day when I am going to do it. I guess it's God's way of giving me a personal trainer. She will usually start doing some of the exercises with me and has completely claimed the 2 lb. weights as her own. When she tires of being a participant, she immediately moves into the coaching roll.

All of a sudden I will feel a hand on my shoulder, telling me I'm doing a good job, that I "can do anything for 60 seconds" (another phrase I hate to hear). She will push on my weights as I am trying to curl them or push on my forehead as I try to do crunches, telling me to "push through it" and "not to give up". The kid is not easy on me.

And here...well, she is making sure I hold my position in plank all the way through to the end. She learned quickly that if she crawled up onto my back, we both quickly fell to the floor. I kid you not.

If I actually end up in shape, I know who to give the credit to.

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