Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is Summer is Summer

Today's post is a catch-up post. Should've been done last week...couldn't get around to it.

This was our life pre strep throat and ear infection. See what kind of fun we are capable of?

I'll tell you one thing...we were feelin' it...

the heat that is. And there was plenty of it.

We headed to Elk River to the *fountains* to catch us some water fun.

And I can't pass up an opportunity to see my baby in her swimsuit, now can I?!?

She's just too adorable and cute! It makes me squeal.

Sun was hot...water was...well....cold. Lily is signing *cold*.

But don't think for a minute that she was deterred...

...not one little bit. She is a water baby through and through. Right down to her core.

And big sister? Well...she was the first one in. She's no slacker.

Ben had a hard time holding still so I could get a shot of him. Forced not to move, he quickly smiled and then went on his way.



water...a winning combination.

Proof that I was there, enjoying it with them. Summer is summer is summer.
And what would our water outting be without Auntie Jill...she makes everything more fun.

And not to be outdone by his big sister...

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