Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sick, Sicker, and Sickest

Ben and I are sick, Lily is sicker, and Ella is sickest of all. This has been an incredibly long and hard past week. It all started a week ago today with Ella getting a cold that, unknowingly at the time, would become a complete monster and effect all of us.

We are off to the doctor yet this morning. Ben woke up with his eyes pretty much glued shut, Lily's were a might bit better, and Ella's are starting to itch and become glassy. A nightmare cold has just morphed into pink eye. It's taking it's tole, literally, folks. And I'm plain. tired. of. it.

These sick days are numbered.

How you may ask...let me tell you:

4....kleenix boxes we have emptied
2....hours of sleep I got Monday night
4...times Ben woke up complaining of his eyes "bugging" him in the middle of the night
1....bath every night before bed for the kids to soothe their throats I've been forced to ask my husband to come home early because I was losing the battle
3...doses of cough syrup for Ella to help take the edge off for bedtime
5....times I've filled the warm air humidfier
15...episodes of kid shows to help us pass our time trapped in the house
3...times I've slept in Ella's twin bed with her
2...times I've slept in Ben's tiny car bed with him
1...bomb that has exploded in my house (not really, but it looks like it)
6...loads of sick kid laundry that I am way behind on
382...times I've whined to my husband, bless his heart

I love this job of motherhood. Honest. I do. But my question is this...when do I to start acruing sick time and vaction time...because, I'm telling ya peeps, I want to cash in.

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