Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Memorial Day Weekend. Lots of sun. 3 days with Daddy at home. Just getting over strep and starting to feel like we are ready to re-join the living.

World...here we come.

The weather was gorgeous. A balmy 75 and sunny. Not to hot...not to cold.

Lily is an outdoor girl. Life is just better when you are outside.

In piggies.

Throw in a pool and Ella is equally as happy. Especially when it requires wearing something Tinkerbell.

Piggies and a pool...getting even better.

Ask Ben and baseball sure can make things fun. He thought the water was too cold and opted for a bat instead.

Oh, he's just so cute. All too soon, I will blink and he will be playing high school baseball. They grow up too fast. I want to capture all these moments so I don't forget. So I have these memories forever.

Taking the mound....

Swing Batter, Batter, SWING!

That must have been a home run!

Look at that form. :)

There may be a baseball game a goin' on...but Ella is having way too much fun in the pool.

Just another way these two sisters can spend time bonding. I love to see my kids spending time together...enjoying each other's company, laughing with each other, and growing closer together.

And someone else stopped by for the party. A Big. Fat. Toad. I thought a chipmunk had run in front of me. When I looked down, he was staring back at me. Big eyes and all.

Ain't he pretty?

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