Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It was a bit cold outside tonight, but the kids got dressed up and went around the neighborhood. Ella was Donald Duck, Ben was a pumpkin, and Lily was a fairy. The costumes for Ben and Ella were made my Nana many years ago for her own kids. The kids had a lot of fun going through her costume box and picking out what they wanted to wear. There's nothing like a Nana with a costume box!! Thanks Nana!

The kids got lots of candy and also enjoyed running to the door each time the doorbell rang to hand out candy to their little friends.

Whew, I am learning all to quickly how hard it is to get 3 children to stand still for 2 seconds to get a single picture taken! The older two wanted their costumes off right away so they could start sorting through their candy and trade back and I was only able to get Lily in a single shot. Oh well, she's pretty cute, I guess!

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