Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad Eggs

"I do not like them, Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham!"

Well, "Sam I Am"...you are not alone. Lily doesn't like eggs either...no matter what color. Blue, purple, pink, green, or yellow!!

Last Wednesday night, I fed Lily some scrambled eggs for supper. A few minutes into it, she started to rub her eyes. "Poor baby", I thought..."not a long enough nap today, I guess". But as she continued to rub her eyes more and more...harder and harder...I started to look at her more intently. I could see all sorts of little white welts starting to appear. They went all the way around her eyes and upon further investigation, I saw that the bottom of her chin was covered in them too. Her eyes were starting to swell and she was definitely uncomfortable.

I immediately scooped her up to make sure her breathing was labored. Whew! She was doing fine in that regard...but I knew I needed to find out some information fast. I called Urgent Care who put me right through to a nurse. I told her I suspected an egg allergy and she advised me to give her a dose of benedryl and to watch her very closely for the next hour. Her instructions were pretty simple..."If you notice any breathing difficulty or any weazing, call 911 immediately".

The benedryl helped tremendously. Within 20 minutes the welts started to disappear. I did, however, watch Lily all through the night...setting my alarm to wake me up at different intervals where I would quietly tip-toe into her room and watch the rising and falling of her chest.

I called the dr. that we had just seen 12 hours earlier as soon as morning came. They had done a blood draw on her to run routine tests and they agreed that they would also order a cap rast test to see if her blood reacts to eggs in any way.

I got a call yesterday afternoon with the results. The conversation went something like this:

Nurse: We got Lily's results back from the cap rast test. We tested for both egg yolk and egg white allergies. Lily is definitely allergic to eggs! Don't give her any, nothing that has eggs baked into it, and don't let her touch them either. The dr. will call you in a few days when she returns from out of town meetings."

Ugh. My sweet Lily is allergic to eggs. I'm not sure what this all means or where we go from here. I'm guessing that the dr. will tell us we need to see an allergist and we will get more information at that appointment. Until then..."I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I Am."


Mrs. Nam said...

Oh... bad news...
But, from this bad situation, we can know Lily has allergic to eggs.
Is Lily okay now??

Renee said...

Poor Thing! I am glad to hear though that she is okay and the reaction was not worse. Now to figure out how to cook for her......