Monday, October 26, 2009


Ella and Ben have started Awana Cubbies. We are taking them to an evangelical church called Constance. Our church has changed ciriculium and they start it at kindergarten...which meant neither Ella or Ben are old enough to attend. We found Awana at this great church and so we enrolled them right away. They were so excited to get their new handbooks and vests this year. Ben was so jealous of his sister last year when she got to go. He couldn't understand why he wasn't old enough to be in it yet. But this year is a different story. Ben is a wild man in class. He joins right in with the other boys being loud and crazy. He loves it. He was even able to recite his verse back to me last week when he got home. It's going to be a great thing for him this year.
Ella likes it too although she is still working on making new friends. The room is new, the teachers are we are going to go this week and meet some new friends together. I think it's just what she needs to get comfortable and start to really enjoy being there.
I saw firsthand how big of a roll Awana can play in a child's life. It generated so many questions from Ella last year...and from it grew a seed in her heart for the Lord. Ella asked Jesus to be her forever friend at the end of summer. It's truly what a mother lives's why I'm help guide her to Jesus. It's a prayer many years in the making and I'm so grateful to God that He allowed me to see my firstborn come to accept Him at such a young age. God truly is GREAT. Being a mother is a big job with a huge responsibility...afterall, God has entrusted me with an eternal soul. If that isn't the most important job in the world...then I don't know what is.

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