Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alpaca Fun

Today we had an opportunity to visit an alpaca farm. It was so much fun!! I have asked Jason for years if we could have an alpaca farm, he always answers the same..."no". So today I got to pretend a little and it was a blast. Those cute animals are so incredibly soft. I touched this little baby on the head and I just wanted to bury myself in his fur. I have never felt anything so luxuriously soft.

By the way, this little baby in the pictures is only a mere 3 weeks old. Judy, the woman who owns the alpacas has 7 pregnant ones right now. The gestational period for an alpaca is 11.5 months...can you imagine? With the pregnancy I had, my mouth fell open.

Ella and Ben had a blast. Ben was busy running all over the farm, climbing up the gates, and chasing after the barn kitties. They even both got to feed the animals. Well, truth be told, I got to as well. Those little alpaca lips are like butterflies on your hands. It was the funniest, tickliest feeling.

Judy also has her own little shop with her own handspun yarns. We got a lesson on how once they shear the alpacas, they card the wool to clean it. Once it is carded and cleaned, they call that roving and it's the roving that is then spun into yarn. For a knitter, it was so fun to see how it goes from an alpaca to some beautiful handspun yarn. It certainly gives me a new apprecation for yarn and now I know why yarn can be so expensive. It's official...I'm a yarn snob. :)

When we got in the van to leave, Ben shouted out "I had so much fun!!" I guess it was a great field trip...a true success.

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