Monday, January 2, 2017

A Special Package

A little backstory:

Last year at Christmas, the extended family adopted Jordan's platoon and became their prayer warriors while they were being deployed to Iraq. Each person was assigned someone and Cora's person was Gunnery Sgt. Jamie Tennison.

Cora prayed for him all the time and would even take parts of her quiet time in the afternoons to bring him before Jesus and pray for his safety. She was a faithful little warrior. I honestly was so impressed and I learned a lot about prayer from this little girl and her child-like faith.

I went to get the mail the other day and there was a pkg sitting inside.

Addressed to her.

From Jamie.

I. about. died.

She was incredibly surprised and very excited.

Inside was a personal letter from Jamie as well as a birthday present for her. It was a beautiful zippered bag which she intends to use for lipglosses or art supplies. :) He also included a medal which as the name of "Operation Inherent Resolve" on it. Waaaay to cool. And the thing that she adores the most? The teddy bear. Jamie bought it and took it with him overseas. He took pics of himself as well as others with the bear showing his journey. When I told Cora that this little bear was on the other side of the world traveling along with Jamie her eyes got huge. She was touched and she realized how special this little bear was.

 He has become a permanent sleeping buddy and she loves him.

To think that a little girl who intended on praying faithfully for someone and asking God to bless that person, would ultimately get blessed so much herself. It's a testament that kindness goes a long, long way. I'm incredibly thankful for Jamie. Not only for his sacrifice in keeping our country safe, but for his generosity to a 6 year old little girl. This has been such an amazing adventure for us all, but one I'm sure Cora will keep forever in her heart.

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