Thursday, January 1, 2015

Surgery Part 2

Back dated November 2014...


Those best laid plans....

Jason texted me from work:
"Is there any way you can have that surgery before the end of the year??"
"No! Not unless there was a really, really...I mean really good reason to. I'm not ready for it, neither is Hattie, and there are a million things going on in the next 6 weeks. Thanksgiving, Christmas, my parents packing up and moving, Jordan coming home on leave, etc, etc, etc)
"I just found out that my company is switching insurance companies come January 1."

And that is when my heart sank. I teetered between being so mad to crying because I felt so rushed into something that was so huge for me. I immediately called my mom and cried my heart out. I then called the surgeon and asked if they even had anything available. Then I sat down and tried to process what had just happened.

You see, this surgery, is typically not covered by insurance companies. A diastasis typically doesn't cause problems for people. But in a very small percentage of women, it can become a problem that causes physiological issues...and I was one of them. The insurance company and the surgeon went back and forth a number of times until insurance finally decided that they would cover my surgery 100%.

To not get it done at this point would bring risks.  Would the new insurance company go back and forth for weeks with the surgeon? Would the new insurance plan cover it at all? Would we end up with a percentage out of pocket that we would be responsible for? Would the surgeon I want be "in network"? etc, etc, etc. It just was too big of a risk to take...we knew that I had to push for getting it done before the end of the year.

So after a lot of phone calls, my Feb 12th surgery appointment got moved up to December 22, 2014.

Many emotions came. Surgery scared me. Being put to sleep freaked me out. The thought of a 4-6 week recovery period seemed incredibly daunting. Not being able to pick up Hattie for that entire time was heart breaking. Weaning my baby before she was ready was crushing. Top it off that I was taking away Christmas from my kids and husband and it was the icing on the cake of doom. I spent many hours in tears over this.

I took to the internet, gathering information on a surgery of this magnitude, and begin preparing for the inevitable.

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