Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 1 Post-Op

Everything went really well for Day 1 of Post-Op. I could hardly believe how well things were going...too good in fact. I felt like it couldn't be this smooth. I was taking two percocet tablets every 4 hours and it was doing a very good job at managing the pain. Getting up every hour or two to walk and keep circulation moving wasn't impossible like I thought it would be. My appetite was already back to normal and I wasn't having any nausea due to any lingering anesthesia. My walker was amazing and worth my fabulous find on Craig's List. Things were honestly going so well that I felt like I was waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop...

I also had a extra-cute helper when I would get up to make my rounds from the living room and back to the kitchen. *Notice my drain comfortably resting in my pocket?...man, I hated that thing.*

ps. I don't even remember who took this pic, but since I am blurry, I think it must have been Jason. Sorry, honey. You have lots of strong points, but focusing in camera is not one of them. ;)

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