Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

We had a busy weekend. Most of my family came to visit for the weekend. Zyra and Aaliyah came on Thursday evening, Mom and Dad arrived Friday afternoon, Jamie came Friday night, and Jill and Joren showed up on Saturday morning. To say sleeping space was at a premium is an understatement.
Since my niece, Aaliyah, is on spring break, she is spending the week with Grammie and Papa. And since we haven't taken a spring break yet, what better week than this one? So guess who also make the trip up north? I am sans two children this week. Ben and Ella were super excited to be able to go. It's amazing how having two less mouths to feed makes for such a quick meal and clean-up. It also makes for a lot less mess in the house. Hmmm...come to think of it, it also makes a lot less noise. ;)
It's tax day, and in true Hubler fashion, we Jason finished them up last night. Oh, the difference between a type A, planner personality and a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type personality. This time of year always gives me heart palpatations. In Jason's defense, we've never filed late.
Remember how excited I was to see the return of spring? Well, as irony would have it, it's a whopping 21 degrees outside today. Brrr. Seriously so tired of being trapped indoors.
Lily is loving the Fancy Nancy book we got from the library this week. I'm pretty sure she wants to  be fancy just like her.
The Frozen song "Let It Go" is still as popular as ever in our house. How many weeks can this go on?!? Cora asks to watch the Youtube video every. single. day. However, it has taken a new twist. We found this version. It's by Hyolyn and she is korean. Cora cannot get enough of it. There are times that she is singing the song to herself and I can't understand a word of it...I wonder if she is trying to sing it in korean. You can tell there is something comforting to her when she is listening to it.
We had a little bday party for Hattie with my family this weekend. Pics will be coming soon. Suffice it to say, she liked, adored, all-out loved her chocolate cupcake.
On tap for today...a day full of reading books to the girls, sipping hot tea, researching some one year old birthday shoot ideas, and just enjoying the day...it's my spring break too, afterall. 

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