Thursday, April 24, 2014


Before you get too excited...this snowstorm was from last week.

But I became busy, never got around to, forgot to post about it.

The snow came down so fast and in huge clumps.

It didn't take long for it to start filling up the back porch. This amount was from early on in the storm. I should have taken a beginning and end picture so you could see just how much fell.

We ended up with around 16 inches. Completely crazy. A major snowstorm in April.

Then I remembered that last year, on April 18, we were in the hospital and Hattie was 1 day old. I was ready to head home, but we were stranded there because of the blizzard that was going on outside. My Dad couldn't get down to the Twin Cities to meet his new grandbaby because I94 was shut down.

This year, within just a few days, we had temps of 70 degrees. Luckily this snow never stood a chance on hanging around for too long.

What a crazy month April can be.

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