Tuesday, March 26, 2013

36 Week Appointment

Quick post regarding the appointment today:

*Baby scored a 10 out of 10 again on the biophysical (ultrasound) and NST...is she a rockstar or what?!?

*Fluid has dropped a bit. I went from a 9.2 cm last week to 7.3 cm this week. This puts me in the low end again...but at least I'm not scraping the bottom of the barrel while in the low range.

*Will definitely have to be monitored again next week...hoping that the number remains stable. It's at 36 weeks that the amniotic fluid naturally starts to decline. So we'll keep our fingers crossed for good things for next week.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear :)... She's almost here!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous=Jackie. I am very glad to hear your appointment went well :)