Friday, March 22, 2013

34 weeks Recap

Another post...a week late in getting published. With 4 kids and constant interruptions, I don't always get the opportunity to get back to the computer to proof and publish it on the blog. But again, more for my own records so you will have to bear with me.


34 Weeks Along...

6 Weeks To Go...

April can't come fast enough!


Headed out to my 34 week appointment today. Hoping for a good one, but not expecting there to be big changes. At my 32 week appt, I was told I was measuring small still and if I continued on that trend, then an ultrasound would be ordered. Got to say, I wasn't expecting an "all-clear" on this one. I could tell that I hadn't really gotten any bigger. I was quite certain that I was going to be told to get another ultrasound on the books.

First stop of the morning, the scale. I had only gained the measily half pound last time over a total of a two week period. (I should be gaining a pound a week at this point). Stepped on the scale and it said I was up 5 pounds. Huh?!? I had changed my diet to include more high-fat foods, but 5 pounds?!? Yes, I dined on lots of berries swimming in heavy whipping cream (which, by the way, is amazing), avocados, almonds, macadamia nuts, full fat sour cream, lots o' butter, full fat cottage cheese, etc. (I have to say that I am fairly certain I will never go back to skim milk again...for anything.) 5 pounds?!? In two weeks?!? Whew...that could make for one heavy mama by the time 40 weeks rolls around. This may have to be tailored back a bit. But I'll take it...a step in the right direction and I do have some ground to make up.

Second stop, bump measurement. Oh dear. Haven't changed. At all. From two weeks ago. Still between 28-29cm. Dr. Green said that I needed to get my ultrasound scheduled to check on baby's growth.

Normally with gestational diabetes, if your blood sugars are not in check, you can end up with a larger baby. BUT since I am of "advanced maternal age" (code for old) along with the diabetes, the opposite can occur. You can deliver a baby with low birth weight. So off to the scheduling desk I went. They just happened to have a cancelation and I could get in within 5 minutes. What a need to sit around and wait, no need to come back later that same day, no need to have to wait for days awaiting an answer. They called me back just minutes later and took a look around.

Baby is right on track, right where she should be regarding growth for a 34 week baby. So why am I measuring small? Well, apparently I have low amniotic fluid. As the pregnancy progresses, there will be less and less fluid as the baby takes up more room, but it's not a good thing to be low at this point already. The cut-off point if 5cm of fluid. Read on to find my number. In other words, if you are below 5cm, then it's time to have some conversations about next steps. Depending on how low the fluid is would determine what should happen next...decisions ranging from a trip to the hospital for IV fluids to see if that will bump the fluid up to a possibility of induction because it's just not safe for baby to be in utero anymore.

Dr. Green said that she will be monitoring me closely from here on out. Meaning that I will be starting weekly ultrasounds and NST (non-stress tests) as well as dr. appointments beginning at 36 weeks. I have to say, I was a little deflated. Not that I thought I had grown and this wasn't going to be an issue, but because I never even considered it was due to low amniotic fluid.

Pregnancy isn't easy for me. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I can deal with the hyperemesis for months on end, I can deal with the diabetes, I can deal with the skipped heartbeats and racing. These are things that affect me. I can pull on my big-girl panties each morning and muscle myself through the day. I've always just been so thankful that these are things that I go though...and doesn't necessarily affect my precious baby. But low amniotic fluid?!? *sigh* That's something I have absolutely no control over. And it's something that directly affects her. As a parent, whenever something hard comes along, it's always the plea to be able to shoulder the hard stuff instead of it resting on the shoulders of your little ones. This was throwing me for a loop.

I came home, spent the day processing and researching. I realized that I had forgotten to ask Dr. Green what my exact level was. Just how low was I? The high end of the low range or barely scraping the bottom of the barrel and narrowly missing the cut-off for the danger zone?

I spoke with Dr. Green the very next day, my number: 6cm. (Remember...the red line is 5cm).


I asked her if she would be willing to allow me to come in at 35 weeks for the ultrasound/NST to see where things were at instead of waiting until the 36 week appointment. Goodness, I was a stressed-out basketcase. And two weeks seemed like an eternity. Upon reconsideration, she agreed that with a number that low, it was a good idea to start weekly testing/monitoring at 35 weeks. Whew.

I spent the day drinking lots and lots of water. And will continue to until the next appointment. Over 100 ounces of water today to give you an idea. I have to admit, I pretty much loath water. Wow, it tastes aweful.

Here is a pic of me at 34 weeks...

Sweet baby girl...there's not a lot that is in my control right now...but trust me when I tell you that I will do everything that I can.

So until next post...

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