Monday, March 25, 2013

35 Week Appointment

My 35 week appointment will go down in the history books.


Because it actually went well!

(How often does that happen to this pregnant mama??)

Here's the run-down:
I was nervous to head out to the appointment...not knowing what it was going to hold. I debated the night before on packing my hospital bag. I just wasn't sure what kind of news I was going to get and what if they told me that the amniotic fluid had dropped more and I needed to head to the hospital?
I decided to put it to prayer and let God take the burden of this. He is in control of when this little one arrives and I knew I just needed to trust His answer...whatever that might be.

The ultrasound (or biophysical) was scheduled first. They look at baby and give her scores based on lots of different things. Big body movements, hands flexing in and out, practice breathing, and pockets of amniotic fluid to name a few. Although baby was busy napping, the tech was able to rouse her enough to get the movements counted. (She, however, did not want her picture taken...she refused to show her sweet little face...instead insisting on keeping the back of her head towards us.) Once done, I was informed that the fluid had risen...gone up! From a 6.2cm to 9.2 cm! That actually takes me out of the lower end bracket and puts me at "normal"! Barely...but be in "normal" range was very exciting!

Next appointment was the NST (non-stress test). I have to sit with two monitors on my tummy. One measures baby's movements and the other her heartbeat. There is a little button that I have to press each time I feel her move. It spits out a print-out that sort of resembles an EKG looking paper. After 10 minutes, there was a knock at the door and in came Dr. Green. She said she had some great news for me. Baby scored a 10 out of 10 on the biophysical (can't get better than that!) and she had already seen all the movements she needed to on the NST. I was free to go home...home to celebrate a fabulous appointment. Dr. Green did say that I still have to be monitored every week as the fluid level can flucuate...but for this week...I'm good! She did, however, inform me that I managed to lose 1.5 pounds in a week...but that just means I'm gonna enjoy some blueberries with cream this week! Bring it on.

I stopped at Caribou and got a decaf coffee for me and a mocha for Jason. I walked in the house and told him we were blessed to have a great appointment.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my 36 week appointment...complete with the ultrasound, NST and dr. visit. The first one starts at 8:50am and I will be gone for about 3.5 hours by the time all is said and done. Please keep us in your prayers...that results are great again. I'm just a hair away from being classified as "low" again so I am praying that I will remain stable. I happen to like where I am at. :)

Side note: Only 1 week left until this little one is considered "full term"...meaning that everything that needs to be developed, will be. If I were to go into labor or the fluid was low, the chance of her having any complications would be very slim in regards to development. It's a huge milestone.

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