Saturday, April 21, 2012

What? When?

Just for my own records...2011

April 14 (Thurs)...Travel Call for Cora (8:09am)
April 15 (Friday)...depart Minneapolis
April 16 (Saturday)...depart Chicago around 1am
April 17 (Sunday)...Arrival into Seoul, South Korea...Incheon International Airport
April 18 (Monday)...ESWS, lunch at Pizza Hut, Kyobo Bookstore, Namdaemun
April 19 (Tuesday)...First meeting with Cora (9am SWS) and trip to her fosterfamily's home, Han River, Baseball Stadium, Supper with Mrs. Nam and So Hyun
April 20 (Wednesday)...Lotte World, lunch at The Fresh House, Olympic Park
April 21 (Thursday) Emart, Received Cora (1pm SWS), Techno Mart Food Court
April 22 (Friday) depart Korea and arrive in the US

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