Saturday, June 16, 2007


Jason prepping for the ride.

Jason organized a "warm-up" with his buddies. They biked 20 miles around the Elm Creek Park Reserve. Don't ask me why, I don't understand it myself.

Jason rode in the MS150 last weekend. What exactly does that mean? Well, he took a bus all the way up to Duluth and then pedaled his way back down to the Twin Cities. They start on a Saturday morning, bike 70 miles and then camp out in Hinckley. They all get up again early Sunday morning and finish out the last 80 miles until they arrive at the Blaine Sports Center.

Ella, Ben, and I met him along with our friends at the finish line. It is so much fun as there are bells, whistles, hoots, hollars, and lots of cheering as the riders come across the line. They all are smiling, but are hot and tired from their long trek. To top it off, the weather on Sunday was 87, hot, humid, and windy.

We are so proud of Jason as well as all his friends that did the ride along side. Way to go guys!!

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