Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just like Daddy...

Ella enjoys bike rides with Dad. We have a trailer to pull behind the bike and she thinks it's loads of fun. We took a trip to Walmart over the weekend to purchase bike helmets for both Ben and myself. Jason is all excited as he thinks we are going to go biking together as a family. Here's the thing: I hate biking. And when I say that, I don't just mean that I dislike it, don't really care for it, or it isn't one of my favorite things. I mean I hate it. Simple as that.

When Jason and I were dating he convinced me that I really needed a bike. I wasn't exactly sold on the idea...but I was on him, so I decided I would check it out. He said it would be so fun, we could ride all these trails, spend time outside...it all sounded good. Then I test-rode one and I remembered what it's like to sit on that stupid, little seat all hunched over. Hmmm...I was pretty sure I could spend oodles of my money on something a little more practical for myself. But Jason was persistent and we left the bikeshop with one new shiny, blue, Trek bike in hand.

Well, needless to say, I have rode that bike only a handful of times in the last 7 years. And each time we only get a few blocks before I want to turn around and go home. Literally. Fast forward to 2007...Jason thinks I need a bike helmet because we are going to take the kids all over the city on bike trails. Now what do you think are the odds of that happening?!? I told him I was pretty sure we didn't need to invest in a bike helmet for me, but he demanded that I buy one.

Maybe having two children straped in the back of a bike trailer unable to get into mischief will change my mind. Maybe the only way I will get a chance to have two thoughts of my own all day long will be while my legs are busy pedaling. Maybe the only way I can stop the constant "up mommy" requests will be by sitting my butt on that little seat. Oh, the irony of it all!!

Maybe I will log so many hours on that bike that I will be doing the MS150 next year!

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Gunderson Family said...

I love the pics of Ella! She is getting so BIG! What a beautiful young lady! Miss you all!