Monday, May 28, 2007

Lovin' Life

Life is great these days. I'm just loving having my daddy back home! He was in India for what felt like a least that's what I kept hearing my Mom say. I'm pretty sure that it was really only 10 days though. I think I might have seen her almost have a nervous breakdown one day...I can really be a handful when I want to. I'm a boy...what doesn't she understand about that?!? I mean...sure...I cried when my sister pushed me over and I bit my lip and was bleeding all over. That doesn't mean Mom has to get all dramatic and call Grandma to see if I need to go to the doctor. I'm tough...give me a minute and I recover pretty quick. (Note to self: Watch out for Ella when you start playing with her kitchen...she can get a little bossy, mad and then downright pushy.)

And the measles that I got from my shots weren't even my fault! Heck, I felt even worse than Mom did. She complained about her arms aching from holding me all day...oh please...I had BUMPS from head to toe. Now that's something to cry about, right?!? And, yes, I know I gagged myself a few times while in Target on a "shopping excurtion"...but Mom wasn't paying attention and doing what I wanted her to do. She left me no choice but to throw up twice in the store! What's a boy to do when his mom won't follow instructions? I guess she said we left there with absolutely no "dignity" left...what does that even mean?!?

But now that Dad is back home, life is finally clicking along like normal. We spent the weekend outside playing a lot and we even got to go to a few gatherings today. I love spending time with my family...and the cat too. I think he makes a great buddy to cuddle up with. I think he likes me a lot too since I can pull his tail or sit on him and he just keeps purring. Wait until Uncle Todd teaches me how to cut his whiskers that's a day I'm looking forward to!

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