Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Candy tower that Daddy made

Me waiting for my bulgogi


All gone...can I have some more?

It was my birthday today! I am officially one and I'm pretty sure I'm the coolest kid on the block. Mom invited some of my friends over and we had a birthday picnic lunch at the park. It was so much fun and I even got to eat as much macaroni and cheese and I wanted...and trust me, that's a lot.

I had my birthday party this past weekend. Wow, was it a blast! All my friends came to the MG Maze and played with me. We had so much fun. My sister Ella even climbed all the way to the top with Daddy and came shooting out the big slide. I had my fair share of trying to eat the balls out of the ball pit...good thing they make those things so big!

We feasted on all sorts of good food with everyone. Mommy made bbq's which were just okay...what I really liked was the bulgogi and rice! Yum...that stuff is out of this world. I just can't seem to get enough of it. When I was all done eating, I flung the rice as far as I could across the table. Now that I'm's quite a ways! When everyone was done raving about the bulgogi, Nana got the birthday cake out that she made for me. Didn't she do an awesome job? I think the Hangul is really cool. Mommy gave me my very own piece...she was wondering if I was going to like it. Wowza...cake is good. I squished it between my fingers until it was mashed just perfectly and then I chowed down. I tried to get every last crumb I could get my hands on. I can't wait until my next birthday party.

I got so many nice gifts and spending time with all my friends and family was wonderful. I slept like a champ that night from all the excitement. Now that I'm one today, I decided to give my mom a run for her money and make her walk me for 20 minutes before settling down and going to sleep. I figured I should make my birthday last all day long!

Thanks for those of you who came to my party...I love you all.

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