Thursday, May 4, 2017

So Tired of Being Sick...

I know that it's been a little hit and miss around here, but it's been for good reason.

Unfortunately, we've had a string of bugs come through our home and I'm very, very ready for warm weather so I can open up and air out the house.

We started a few weeks ago with Lily and Cora getting the flu bug within just hours of each other. Jason promptly pulled both of their mattresses onto our floor in the bedroom so he could help them through the night since the murphy's law dictates that if a child gets sick it will be just an hour after bedtime or smack dab in the middle of the night. He was such an attentive and compassionate dad as he nursed them through the wee hours of the morning.

Meanwhile, I was in Hattie's room helping her get through her own misery. She didn't have the flu bug, but she somehow, at the same time, got a nasty cold bug. Her nose was running so much that she almost gurgled when she was laying down. It was really rather nerve-wrecking laying next to her. She also had a fever to go along with it. She wanted to be snuggled up to me for comfort, but wow, she was like an oven. We kept the kids quaranteened for the next 3 days and when we felt like the bug had passed, we let them out. It's not easy being confined to your room for so long!

A few days later, Hattie started throwing up. I administered her cocktail of meds right away and Blessings Upon Blessings we were able to manage it at home and not head into the ER!!! It was hard to see her sick, but I was so relieved that we didn't require IV's or hospitalization. About 12 hours after Hattie started getting sick, Grammie texted to say that she had gotten it too and was sitting next to her new best friend, Mr. Bowl. This was a catchy bug for sure.

I spent a day or two feeling under the weather as did Jason. :) It is not easy when sickness comes into a large spreads easily and it takes forever to work it's way through everyone. Luckily, Ella and Ben remained untouched. Whew.

Then a few weeks after that Ben came home saying his head hurt which is odd...cause nothing really ails this kid. I immediately thought of strep throat, but knew I needed to give it a day to see what came of it.

The headache just wouldn't go away, even with Tylenol and some good rest, so we make a trip to the dr where she confirmed by suspicions. Strep throat positive.

We stopped to grab the antibiotics and just as I'm about to pull into the development, Ella texts me. "Cora has bumps all over her face."

Upon walking in the house, I see that they are not only on her face, but her neck, arms, stomach, and back. Oh Joy. She was immediately sent to her room for quaranteening until I could figure out what was going on. So now I had Ben on the bottom level in his room and Cora on the top level in her room. I can't even tell you how many stairs I climbed that day!

Turns out Cora had scarlet fever and required antibiotics.

Each of them spent the next 24 hours in their rooms and we waited with baited breath over the next 5 days to see if anyone else would come down with either illness. I can't tell you how much quaranteening and washing hands does for helping to cut down on stuff spreading. I'm happy to report we just passed day 5 yesterday and we should be in the clear now!

I'm hoping for a much less eventful spring.

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