Friday, May 12, 2017

Kid Funnies

Ben: "Do you know maple syrup comes from sap in a tree?"

Lily: "I know that, Papa told me."

Cora: "Actually, I learned that from Curious George."


Hattie: "Mama! I forgot to do my avotions!!"

Translation: avotions=devotions


Hattie (age 3): "He is risen!"

Mom: "He is risen indeed!!"

Hattie: "That's so important, I have to remember that in my brain!"

Mom: "He is risen!"

Hattie: "He is risen in oven!" close!


Hattie: "Mom, how do you say yes in Spanish?"

Mom: "Si"

Hattie: "How do you say one in English?"


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