Friday, May 5, 2017

Kid Funnies

Hattie: "Look mom...I'm a magyptian."

Translation: An Egyptian.

**Don't mind the undies, that's her go-to outfit these days. I'm lucky I got her to wear a shirt.


As Hattie and I were shopping for groceries the other day, we passed through the produce section. She immediately saw something she wanted:
Hattie: "Mom! Can we get seaweed?!? Please!!!"
I was so confused. Although I know she does like seaweed, we were in the middle of all the fresh fruits and vegetables.
Me: "Seaweed? I don't see any."
Hattie: "It's right there!"
Me: "Ooohhh, you mean kiwi?"
Hattie: "Yes"


Hattie: " do you make 'awesome sauce'?"

For example: We are having dessert tonight and everyone replies "Awesome Sauce!"


As I'm laying in bed with Hattie:

"Mama, I'm so disausted...are you disausted? Cause I sure am disausted. I just want to go to sleep.

Translation: Disausted=exhausted...and she was very proud of the new word she had
added to her vocabulary.

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