Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Three Muskateers

These three...

Most of the time they are inseparable. Where one goes, there are two following.

Giggles abound, squeals are intense, and the love is evident.

Except when they are scrapping...and they can do that to.

Seriously though, they have become the three muskateers and it is so cute.

Hattie used to be the little sister who would tag along and dream of being included with the "big girls", but now that she is growing up, they have all become best friends.

Yes, friends can argue from time-to-time and get a little grouchy, but they also have each other's backs, exhibit a fierce love for one another, and are creating life-long bonds between them. As a mother, it's a beautiful picture of family.

*dresses are from Cocoa Beach Surf Co. when we were there for our family vacation. I had bought them each similar dresses when I was in San Diego last year and they wore them until they were so crunchy they could practically stand up on their own. To say the dresses were loved is an understatement. I had to throw all three away due to holes or broken straps...luckily we found these cute ones to replace their beloved sundresses. I'm guessing these will get a lot of mileage this summer.

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