Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sick Kiddies

Life just never really calms down around here. Jason and I spent the weekend and early part of this week caring for sick kiddos.

Lily and Cora started throwing up on Saturday night. Lily started the whole party off before we went to bed, and Cora decided to join in around 4am. Jason pulled their mattresses into our room and it was then dubbed "the infirmary" and off limits to others in the house. There wasn't a lick of sleep that night as he was holding a bowl for one or the other all throughout the night. I was informed that there was even a time when he was holding the bowl for Cora who was actively using it when he heard Lily call from the bathroom in a rather emergent tone "Dad...Dad, I need you!" which was followed by what he described as a "splash" sound. Eeeeewwww gross. Apparently she was literally standing right by the toilet with the lid *closed*. To say this man is a good dad and has an abundance of patience is an understatement. He did such a good job of taking care of the girls when they really needed someone to comfort them.

Where was I you ask? I was taking care of Hattie who seemed to have her own unrelated bug. She also came down with something on Saturday night. She was put to sleep and within an hour, she was awake and crying. I spent the night nursing a 101.6 fever for this poor girlie. We spent the next day camped out on the couch blowing her nose every .8 seconds. Her fever broke overnight and you would have no idea that the girl had ever been sick.

You can see the sick in her eyes.
Three sick kids...two different bugs. At the same time. So weird.

Cora and Lily are still upstairs feeling under the weather. They haven't thrown up since Sunday morning, but it is taking them some time to get back on their feet and have any sort of appetite. I've given them more bone broth and applesauce over the past two days!

To top things off, Jason left for TX today for work and will be gone until Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that no one else comes down with this...especially me since I've got no back-up!

Remember to thank God for your health, we take it for granted!!

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