Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Preschool Days with Ella

Preschool Days with Ella.

They rock.

Hattie looks forward to them every day.

She loves school and Ella makes it a lot of fun. I had a mom-friend tell me that I should put Ella in charge of Hattie's school this year. So I did what any good homeschooling teacher would do and adopted the idea.

I know, I first glance you may thing I'm being completely lazy and shoving my teaching duties onto my 12 year least that's what I thought I would be doing. Until I thought about all the benefits Ella would get out of putting lessons plans together, being creative, honing in on her teaching skills, learning patience, and above all fostering her relationship with her littlest sister.

Although we don't do preschool everyday, they both look forward to it every chance they get.

Today, in celebration of surviving frigid temps over the weekend (we were colder than the north pole, I kid you not...-40+ wind chills and -22 plain ol' temperature), the girls made snowmen...

...and maybe sampling some too....

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