Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Field Trip: The Works Museum

We loaded up and headed to Bloomington a few weeks back for a field trip. Ben had the day off of school so I was able to bring all 5 kiddos with me. But since I'm no dummy, I also enlisted the help of Grammie.

The Works Museum was running a Christmas special for membership...which only cost $1 more for an entire year then if I just paid for daily admission for all of us. So clearly, you can guess which option I chose.

We brought along a packed lunch and ate in their lunchroom. It's amazing how much better a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes when you are on a field trip than when you are home scrounging around the empty fridge.

We got to play with a whole bunch of stuff and see how they worked. From motion sensors to programmable bots to kinex creations. The kids loved the bricks too and since we were 1 of only 2 families in there by day's end, we had them all to ourselves.

 Ella and I are standing flat-footed...we built that puppy up as tall as she could go...

The static electricity seemed to looooovveee Hattie. 

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